“Learning Can”

Posted on February 19, 2009. Filed under: Crafts for Children |

I was trying to think of a fun way to teach my toddler basic shapes, colors and letters.  I devised this “Learning Can” to use both sight and physical interaction to learn basic concepts. Once the can is finished, use the black frame to choose a shape/color or letter/color combination.  Have your child find things of that shape or color or that start with the letter to put in the bucket.


  • 1 #10 can or other gallon-size can
  • Scissors and/or a paper cutter
  • 2 pieces white cardstock
  • 1 piece black cardstock
  • packing tape
  • self-adhesive velcro (available in office supply or craft stores)
  • a pencil and markers: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
  • Items to help draw shapes (small square, circle, rectangle items)
  • Sewing tape measure


  1. Cut the two pieces of white card stock in half so you have four pieces each 4.25 by 11 inches.
  2. Tape two pieces together so you have two long pieces of paper about 4.25 by 22 inches.  Only put tape on one side of the paper so you can color on the other side.
  3. Measure and the two pieces of paper so the are as long as the can is around.  When you put the papers around the can, the ends should touch.  Make sure you cut the two papers the exact same size.
  4. On one paper, draw seven shapes: circle, square, rectangle, star, heart, triangle, and diamond  Use the tape measure to make sure they are about the same size and distance apart.
  5. Color each shape a color of the rainbow and label with the color and name of the shape.
  6. On the other piece of paper, write the alphabet in rainbow colors.  Put half the alphabet on top, and flip the paper over to write the other half.
  7. Put the two papers together so they are back to back and tape them together.  Put tape around the parts that were taped together before so they do not come apart.
  8. Cut the black paper so it fits like a belt buckle around the papers.  Thread the paper through it so it forms a window around one shape at a time.
  9. Put a velcro piece on the can, and then cut the matching velcro piece into four pieces.  Put one on each end of the papers, so there is one on each end on both sides.
  10. Velcro the paper to the can, and you can flip it around to do shapes on one side, and the alphabet on the other.



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You have lots of creative ideas! I would love to see this one in person.

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