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Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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Here’s a Thanksgiving decoration your kids can make.  I had my 18-month-old help me and he had so much fun he was mad when we were finished!

You will need:  1 rectangular box (I used a diaper box), a large circular container or lid (I used a #10 can) scissors, crayons, a stapler, and packing tape

To start, cut the bottom and top off the box so it’s just the sides.  Cut one of the long sides off, so you have one long side remaining with a short side attached on both sides.  On the side you cut off, trace a circle and cut it out.  This will be the body of a turkey.  Cut out a long oval shape for the turkey head and neck (I used the section of cardboard that comes apart from the box handles.  Color the circle brown, and draw a turkey face and gobble on the oval piece.

On the long side of the 3 section cardboard piece, trace a circle in the middle bottom of the box (use the same circle pattern as for the turkey body).  Using your child’s hand, trace hand patterns around the circle and color them in.  Staple the turkey neck to the front of the turkey body.  Tape the turkey body into the circle pattern.  Write Happy Thanksgiving on the top or side if desired.

Take the two side pieces and tape them together in the back so it will stand alone.  Display at your Thanksgiving activities and dinner!


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Here’s a fun halloween craft that recycles a milk jug.


  • Empty, rinsed out milk jug
  • Orange paint or food coloring (I mixed red and yellow acryllic paint)
  • Water (1/4-1/2 cup)
  • Paper Bag or brown paper
  • Black and green construction paper ( I used black marker and part of a green box)
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors


1. Make sure the milk jug is rinsed and dry on the outside.

2. Put a small amount of water in the jug, enough to cover the bottom.

3. Place the paint or coloring into the jug.  You can put it on the inside of the lid and then place the lid on the jug.

4. Shake the jug and see if it is the color you want.  When you shake, orange color should coat the jug.

5. Secure the lid to the jug with packing tape.  Put brown paper around it to form a stem.  Add a green leaf if desired.

6. Cut out a black Jack-O-lantern face and tape it to the jug.  I put packing tape over the face pieces to secure it.

7.  Give it a shake and see your Shake-O-Lantern turn orange!

This is one your toddlers can carry around.



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